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Instructor of American Sign Language
Full-time; Academic Year
JOB SUMMARY: The Instructor of American Sign Language is responsible for the instruction courses in
American Sign Language and provides classroom and lab instruction in various American Sign Language
courses, and related courses, for majors and non-majors district-wide. Full time faculty members are
professional educators with the primary responsibility of providing a quality instruction for a diverse
student population and performing instructional duties and responsibilities in accordance with the
philosophy, mission, policies and procedures of the college.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act,
may include any of the following tasks, knowledge, skills, and other characteristics. This list is
ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by
incumbents of this class.
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Within the scope of college policies and procedures, this position:
Teaches assigned American Sign Language, related courses and associated labs in accordance with the
college’s workload policy; maintains written instructional standards; facilitates instruction using
alternative delivery methods as needed; informs students in writing of instructional standards; posts and
maintains office hours; participates in the assessment of student learning outcomes; establishes,
maintains and submits accurate student and instructional records in a timely manner
Develops new courses, curriculum, instructional materials, and evaluation tools; reviews and updates course
outlines, textbooks, laboratories and course procedure sheets for American Sign Language courses;
assists with the preparation of course proposals, curriculum updates and the construction of
degree/certificate programs
Applies and maintains standards of quality operating methods, processes, systems, and procedures;
implements changes as necessary to maintain a successful American Sign Language program; integrates
knowledge of industry trends and professional training to continuously improve program quality
Participates in American Sign Language course scheduling, department, division and college meetings;
serves on college committees as assigned
Performs other related duties as assigned
GENERAL EXPECTATIONS: Employees are expected to accomplish assigned duties in an efficient,
effective and competent manner and to strive for improvement and excellence in all work performed.
Additionally, employees must understand the comprehensive role of the community college and cooperate
and work harmoniously with students, faculty and staff, and the public. Employees will follow all college
policies, rules, regulations and guidelines as they relate to this position.
Master’s degree in American Sign Language from an institution of higher learning regionally accredited by
the US Department of Education
Knowledge of and ability to follow college policies and procedures
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