Sample Restaurant Manager Job Description Template


Restaurant Manager Job Decription
Tim Horton’s
Position Title:
Restaurant General Manager
Reports to:
Director of Retail Operations
As a Tim Horton’s crew member, you are also a member of the TL Hospitality LLC. You will conduct business
according to the details of your job description and the employee manual, making the customer our # 1 priority.
As a member of the Tim Horton/TL team you will be required to live and breathe our mission to seize
opportunity, lead with passion and be the absolute best.
1. Family Spirit: We work together, we play together, we laugh together, we cry together & we’ve got
each other’s back.
 Lead by Example. Create a positive work environment with entire team and an open mind
with initiative for solutions.
 Interact respectfully, engage in constructive conflict and speak candidly and appropriately
with each associate. You are expected to treat each other with respect and be courteous to
one another.
2. Exceed Customer Expectations-We will go above & beyond to WOW each customer; satisfying
their needs is not enough!
 Committed to providing outstanding customer service making it our competitive advantage.
 Understand what the customers are requiring and ensure we WOW our customers every time.
3. Learn-Teach-Grow: We challenge ourselves to find a better way, show others a better way & live
that better way, everyday!
 Develop & share ways for continuous improvement within the organization and assist and
train others in areas or subjects in which you are more experienced or educated.
 Maintain and demonstrate professional work ethics, moral integrity and a positive attitude at
all times.


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