Dairy Swot Analysis Worksheet Template


UVM Extension Farm Viability
Dairy Farm SWOT Analysis Worksheet
FBWS007—6/13 Developed by Yvon Lanoue and the Farm Viability Team, UVM Extension, 617 Comstock Rd, Suite 5, Berlin, VT 05602
This template includes a number of factors that should be considered for completing a SWOT Analysis (Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for an operating dairy farm. The template is meant to guide questions or dis-
cussion between a farm business adviser and the farm owner. This template provides examples of information to
be included in each section of the SWOT analysis. You may see the same item in more than one place on the table,
even for the same farm. This document serves as a template for an experienced farm educator with a good deal of
familiarity relating to animal health, dairy production, crop production and business issues.
Internal Factors: Strength or Weakness
Indicate an “S” for strength or “W” for weakness. Use spaces or blanks to fill in additional notes.
Patience with ________, (cows, goats, chickens, etc.)
_____ Taking the time to check mastitis and/or heat.
_____ Currently getting milk quality premiums
_____ Conception rates in _____ (Cows or Goats) are _______
_____ Milk production is _______per day or _______per year
_____ Observant of (Cows or Goats) _______, Breeding & health
_____ Have a strong breeding synchronization program
_____ (High or Low) mortality rate, with new-born.
_____ (Current or Not Current) on feed program tech info
_____ Soil Quality and Type, Acres Tillable_____
_____ Water supply
_____ Equipment, current condition
_____ (New or Old) facilities.
_____ Milk production (Good or Declining)
_____ Dependent on purchased feed
Mark Cannella 
Farm Business Management Specialist 
UVM Extension, 617 Comstock Rd, Suite 5, Berlin  VT  05602‐9194 


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