Dairy Swot Analysis Worksheet Template Page 3


UVM Extension Farm Viability
Dairy Farm SWOT Analysis Worksheet
External Factors: Opportunity or Threat
Indicate an “O” for opportunity or “T” for threat. Use spaces or blanks to fill in additional notes.
_____ Quality of working relationship w/neighboring farms
_____ Options for available area venders (supplies, services or custom operators)
_____ Woodlots have ability to create cash flow (ex: syrup/lumber)
_____ (Have or Don’t Have) demand for heifers from other dairies
_____ (Have or Don’t Have) have good infrastructure.
_____ (Have or Don’t Have) have good support for agriculture in area
_____ (Have or Don’t Have) have high availability of rental ground
_____ (Have or Don’t Have) have lots of support groups within the industry
_____ Access to neighboring facilities for feed storage
_____ Other farms request assistance with breeding synchronization
_____ Biosecurity risk related to farm visitors & purchased livestock
_____ Development of roads & subdivisions in the area
_____ Growth of neighborhood could affect day to day management
_____ Employees nearing retirement
_____ Milk contamination concerns of consumers
_____ New manure management requirements coming
_____ Labor Available, Labor Quality
_____ Vulnerability to milk price adjustments


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