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Sample Social Security Letter
SAMPLE: PDSO Letter to Social Security Administration. (Typed on official school or department letterhead,
and containing the PDSO original signature and contact information).
Dear Social Security Administrator:
I am writing on behalf of Ms./Mr./Mrs. (Full Name), a citizen of (Country) born (Month, Day, Year).
Ms./Mrs./Mr. (Last name) is a student on an F-1 visa at Colorado College. Per the terms of the F-1 visa,
Ms./Mrs./Mr. (Last Name) is eligible to work on-campus while she/he/ze maintains her/his/zer F-1 student
The student has been offered on-campus employment in the Colorado College (name of department) and will be
working as a (e.g. front desk assistant, cashier, etc.). She/He/Ze will be reporting to (Name and Title).
Please feel free to contact our office at the number below should you have any questions regarding
Ms./Mrs./Mr. (Last Name’s) status, ability to work, or need for a social security number.
Lisa Kosiewicz Doran
Principal Designated School Official
Phone: __________
Date: __________


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