Independent Contractor Contract -Catering


Independent Contractor Contract -Catering
This Independent Contractor Contract-Catering Agreement (the "Agreement"), effective
2006 is entered into by and between
with its principal place of business at
("Vendor"), and Rochester Institute of Technology, a corporation, with offices at 1 Lomb
Memorial Drive Rochester, New York 14623 ("RIT").
Vendor agrees to prepare, deliver, and serve food products at the area and time
mutually agreed upon as specified in “Attachment A”.
1.2 Vendor shall supply its own staff and food preparation/service equipment.
1.3 Vendor agrees to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, meeting or
exceeding industry standards in prepared food products that are to be provided under the
terms of this Agreement. Any food products to be provided that RIT in its sole discretion
deems not to meet these standards shall be disposed of at the direction of RIT and will
not be paid for.
1.4 Vendor agrees that all food products served at RIT under this agreement will be
stored/transported/held for serving at the appropriate temperature as follows:
- “Hot” foods at an internal temperature of no less than 140° F;
- “Cold” foods at an internal temperature of no greater than 40° F;
- “Frozen” foods at an internal temperature of no greater than 0°F.
Vendor agrees not to deliver or serve any food product that varies from these temperature
standards, or has varied for more than a two (2) hour period. Any food product that does
not meet these standards must be disposed of immediately and not served.
1.5 Vendor agrees upon request by RIT to provide RIT with a detailed listing of
ingredients for all food products prepared, and served under the terms of this Agreement.
2.1 Pricing shall be as set forth in “Attachment B”, attached hereto.
2.2 RIT, or its authorized representative may, upon written notice to Vendor, review and
audit such records and documentation as may be reasonably necessary for RIT to
determine the accuracy of Vendor’s invoiced charges. Such audit shall be conducted
during Vendor’s normal business hours at a time mutually acceptable to both parties.
RIT will notify Vendor of outcome of audit and of any overcharge RIT believes it has
discovered. Vendor agrees then to credit RIT accordingly for such overcharge. If the
audit reveals an overcharge of 10% or more, Vendor will reimburse RIT both for the


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