Invitation Letter Template


Invitation Letter Template
[This document serves as an invitation letter template for the Environmental Public Health Performance
Standards ( ). All red and underlined text in brackets represents areas to
be updated with information specific to your agency and its planned assessment.]
[Insert Colleague’s Name Here]
On behalf of
, I am pleased to invite you to participate in a one-day meeting
[Insert Agency Name]
to assess our environmental public health system. The meeting will be held at
[Insert Meeting
. The
Location Here]
[Insert Date Here],
[Insert Time Here]
[Insert Time Here]
[Insert Agency
is leading and staffing the assessment project and will provide a facilitator to help
Name Here]
complete the task. Even though the environmental public health department is a central figure
in this assessment, we want to include representatives from other organizations and sectors
involved in our local environmental public health system. We would like to complete this
assessment with all of our partners who play important roles in promoting and preserving the
health and safety of
[Insert Community Here]
The assessment will use the Environmental Public Health Performance Standards, which
describe the level of performance and capacity to which all environmental public health systems
and programs should aspire (
). Your involvement in this process
provides an opportunity to discuss and respond to a series of questions about the status of our
environmental public health system. Within
of the meeting,
[Insert Time]
[Insert Agency Name
will provide results of the assessment in a report outlining strengths and weaknesses.
Directions to
are enclosed, along with informational materials so
[Insert Meeting Location Here]
that you may begin preparing.
Please RSVP no later than
, by emailing
[Insert Date Here]
[Insert Contact Name]
[Insert Address
or by calling
. I look forward to
[Insert Contact Name Here]
[Insert Contact Information Here]
having you join with other community partners to take a close look at our environmental public
health system.
[Insert Name Here]


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