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Second Paragraph Example:
My experiences and values are a strong match for this position. I am specifically
interested in your organization’s focus on social injustice and poverty in Latino
neighborhoods and in applying my analytical skills to help address these problems. In
the course of completing my master’s thesis, I developed strong quantitative skills,
consistently met self-imposed deadlines, and produced work that received praise from my
faculty advisors. I conducted a literature review of over 39 articles and books, and as a
result I mastered large amounts of statistical information and identified issues in need of
further research in minority poverty. These research, writing, and analytical skills will
serve me well as a consulting analyst, as I can acquire expertise quickly and apply it to
solve particular problems.
Discuss Your Fit with the Position and Organization
• Why does this job particularly intrigue you?
• Why does this specific employer interest you?
• What is it about the nature of the work that you find appealing?
• Why are you committed to the employer’s mission?
As you ask yourself each of these questions, support your claims with evidence to incorporate in
the letter.
Third Paragraph Example:
I developed my leadership skills as the president of the Students for Haitian Relief Club,
an organization formed in response to the Haitian earthquake. Setting and exceeding a
fundraising goal of $10,000, I led a team in recruiting student donors at the University of
Chicago. Capitalizing on a rivalry between two dorms, I created a competition-based
fundraiser with prizes from local vendors. I thoroughly enjoyed devising a creative path
to reach and exceed a challenging goal. I believe working as a consultant in your
organization would allow me to apply my rigorous analytical training to generating
resolutions to the issues of poverty, inequality, and social injustice.
Closing Paragraph: Final Words and Details
In closing, indicate your interest in discussing the position and request an interview. Thank the
reader for his/her time and consideration. Include your contact information, and inform the
employer of your next step.
Fall 2011
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