Website Brief Template


Website Brief Template
Project Overview
Build a website to provide information and resources to those who are interested in starting or are
running a makerspace and individuals/businesses within a makerspace or maker community, or those
new to making who want to find out more about makerspaces.
Project Objectives
The website will provide users with a) searchable map of makerspaces in the UK b) resources and
information (either video, pdf, links to other sites) and c) profiles of makers and makerspaces.
Project Goal
Aims of the website
To provide information/advice/resources for Makerspaces and makers
To raise the profile of making in the UK
To understand the current landscape of making in the UK
Individuals who run and manage makerspaces or are interested in setting one up
Individuals/businesses within a makerspace or maker business/entrepreneur looking for support
to develop their product.
Professionals (researchers, policy makers, investors etc) interested in the field
Individuals new to making who want to find out more about makerspaces near them.
Long term vision
The website is part of a wider partnership project with BIS and RSA to support and understand
the impact of Makerspaces as an emerging sector in the UK. The overall project has four
interconnected strands a) website build b) local engagement c) information and advice, and d)
partnership development
In phase one we want to create a site that provides information, resources and a searchable map.
If successful and being used by the maker community we would want to develop the site to
include forums, user generated content etc, so that it becomes a more sustainable site.
The Requirements
Site built on open source platform preferably Drupal 6/7 or Wordpress
Ability to update all content via a CMS
Ability to embed video content
Ability to embed twitter feed and other social media
Ability to download pdf’s
Ability to post blog posts
A searchable UK map – searchable though upto 6 data points (likely to be location, access, tools
and training opportunities)
Submitted to all major search engines
Google Analytics code added to every page enable basic reporting
Set of content templates including basic page, blog, grid
Optimised and tested for latest two desktop versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and
The site should function and render on mobile devices and should be tested on the following
mobile operating systems: IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.


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