Form W-1 - Employer'S Return Of Tax Withheld


Each West Carrollton employer performing work within the City of West Carrollton limits is required to withhold the tax of 2.25%, from all
compensation paid to employees at the time the compensation is paid, and remit the amount withheld to the Division of Taxation, 300 E. Central
Ave., West Carrollton, Ohio 45449-1810, in accordance with the following instructions:
Monthly: All returns and payments for amounts withheld in excess of $500.00 during the month are due on or before the fifteenth day
of the following month.
Quarterly: All returns and payments of $500.00 or less per month due on or before the last day of the month following each
calendar quarter.
Delinquent payments shall be subject to penalty and interest charges as provided in the West Carrollton Income Tax Ordinance.
The failure of any employer to receive or procure Form W-1 shall not excuse him from making this return or from remitting the tax withheld.
Do not report names of employees from which the tax was withheld with this return. This information is to be reported on Form W-3 with
W-2’s attached on or before February 28, following each calendar year.


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