Form W-1 - Employer'S Return Of Tax Withheld


Each employer within or doing business within the City of Vandalia, City of Brookville, City of Union, City of Clayton, Village of West Milton, Butler Township JEDD, Butler
Township JEDZ or Clay Township-Clayton JEDD who employs one or more persons is required to withhold the tax from all qualifying wages paid to employees at the time the
compensation is paid, file form W-1, and remit the tax to the Vandalia Tax Office, PO Box 727, Vandalia, OH 45377-0727.
MONTHLY: All returns and payments are due on or before the last day of each month for the amount withheld during the preceding month.
QUARTERLY: All returns and payments are due on or before the last day of the month following each calendar quarter.
To secure approval of quarterly payments, a request must be made in writing stating the name and withholding account number of the employer, if any; the address to which any
correspondence should be mailed; the estimated amount of tax to be withheld each quarter and the name and title of the person responsible for complying with the withholding
requirements of the Income Tax Ordinance. Withholding payments must be less than $900.00 per quarter to be eligible for quarterly filing.
Delinquent payments shall be subject to penalty, interest and late filing fee charges as provided in the Tax Ordinance. Postage meter dates are not recognized as a verification
of timely filing.
The failure of any employer to receive or procure Form W-1 shall not excuse him/her from filing this return or from remitting the tax withheld.
How to prepare this form:
Line 1— Enter total qualifying wages paid to all taxable employees during the period for which the return is being filed. If no compensation was paid during the period,
so indicate and return Form W-1.
Line 2— Compute tax due.
Line 3— Show any adjustments to tax due; i.e., additional tax withheld at employee request, second city payment, etc.
Line 4— Enter amount remitted.


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