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wow! creative brief
As in life… what you put in has a direct relation to what you get out. A good brief will reap the
rewards. Below is a starter for ten – any other information is always welcome.
Job Title:
Briefed in by:
Making your site beautiful is great, making it so people will find it is better. Here's a few
questions that will help us make your site a bit more google friendly.
Website structure
Are keywords used in page title?
Are URLs search engine friendly?
Are meta tags present?
Do all images have alt tags where necessary?
Are internal links present and relevant to page they are linking to?
Is a single H1 tag used and are header tags in order?
Does image navigation have text links as well?
Is the html code valid to W3C requirements?
Is the style sheet valid to W3C requirements?
Is site as accessible as it can be?
Domain names
Does your domain name include a keyword?
Is your domain name less than 35 characters?
Can your domain name be purchased/renewed for 10yrs?
Is your content duplicated on another site?
wow! creative
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