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Ability to work from prepared impressions in making dentures and other dental structures.
Ability to pour plaster or stone models of dentures.
Ability to repair and/or reline dentures.
Ability to process chrome-cast partials.
Ability to fabricate base plates and wax bite rims.
Ability to follow detailed instructions in selecting, setting, and articulating teeth.
Ability to bend wire clasps and make soldered rests for partial dentures.
Ability to process, finish, and polish dentures.
Ability to operate and maintain dental tools and equipment.
Ability to maintain records, prepare reports, and conduct correspondence related to the work.
Ability to communicate effectively.
Additional Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Dental Laboratory Technician 11 (Lead Worker)
Ability to organize the work of an assigned work unit.
Ability to establish priorities, assign, and evaluate the work of Dental Laboratory Technicians.
Dental Laboratory Technician 11 (Senior Worker)
Ability to perform the most complex dental laboratory technician assignments.
Dental Laboratory Technician 12 (Staff Specialist)
Ability to adapt new technology and methods to increase program effectiveness
Ability to organize and operate assigned program.
Some knowledge of the programmatic and developmental aspects of assigned program area.
Working Conditions
Jobs are located in correctional facilities.
Physical Requirements
The job duties require an employee to be absent of any physical limitation which would impair effective
Possession of an associate's degree in dental technology.
Dental Laboratory Technician 8
No specific type or amount is required.
Dental Laboratory Technician 9
One year of experience involved in fabricating and repairing prosthetic appliances equivalent to a Dental
Laboratory Technician 8.


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