Self-Employment Tax Organizer Template


Self-Employment Tax Organizer – SETO
What to bring to your tax appointment
The SETO is based on Schedule C, Profit or Loss from a
The organizer must be completed before
Business or Service. Use this tool to record your
your tax appointment. We cannot prepare your
income and expenses from your self-employment.
tax return without this completed form.
Photo ID for taxpayer and/or spouse.
Social Security card or Individual Taxpayer
Identification Number (ITIN) card/letter for all
Total annual household income of $55,000 or less.
persons listed on the return.
Sole proprietors, independent contractors, and
Birth dates for all persons listed on the return.
single member LLC’s only.
Income statements or forms: W-2, 1099s, and
We do not prepare returns for corporations,
any other tax document.
partnerships, businesses with employees, taxi
drivers, clergy, day traders or returns with income
Copy of last year’s return – this is important
from rental property.
for self-employed taxpayers as it may have
needed information about business use of the
home, equipment purchases, and more.
Both spouses must be present for a joint
Organize your income and expense documents from
last year. Examples:
For direct deposit – routing and account
Tax documents to bring to your appointment: Form
information (bring a blank or voided check).
1099-MISC, W-2, and last year’s tax return. Do not
list income from W-2’s on the organizer. This
For a complete list of what to bring go to our
income is added elsewhere on Form 1040.
Supporting documentation you do not need to
bring to your appointment: Invoices, receipts,
If your prior year tax return shows the
bank or credit card statements, and mileage logs.
names and Social Security numbers of all
persons to be listed on the current year’s tax
return; this can be used instead of the Social
See our website,
Security cards. Of course, you need to bring
, for tools such as a
that return to your appointment. We also
mileage logs, income and expense worksheets, tips
accept photographic or digital images of the
on making estimated tax payments, and a cheat
sheet for filling out the organizer. Check out for useful tools and videos. Key words:
small biz and
Please be considerate of others when booking
appointments; appointments are limited and
there is much demand.
Fill out the form
Use your documents to fill out the organizer with
Contact information
only your self-employment income and expenses.
Tax preparers will use the organizer to input the
Self-Employment Hotline
amounts onto the tax return. The organizer has
different sections and not all apply to your
Thomas Larson
business. Also, do not round off; use an exact
Self-Employment Manager
If you don’t find a category for an expense feel
free to write it in the “other” category.
NOTE: Our tax preparation services are in the
The sections are business income, business
lower level of the Court West Building. The
expenses, office in the home, major purchases,
parking lot is located diagonally across the
products sold by seller (inventory), and vehicle
street from the building. Use access code
4321# to enter the lot.
Prepare + Prosper, 2610 University Avenue W, Suite LL, St. Paul MN 55114,


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