Sample Offer Letter - Regular Research Positions


                                                                    R EGULAR   R ESEARCH   P OSITIONS  
You   may   add   additional   language   to   customize   this   letter   for   your   area   needs   but   any   substantive  
changes   s hould   b e   d iscussed   i n   a dvance   w ith   t he   O ffice   o f   t he   V ice   P resident   f or   R esearch.      
<insert   d ate>  
Dear   < insert   c andidate’s   n ame>:  
I   am   pleased   to   offer   you   a   position   as   a   <insert   job   title>   in   the   <insert  
institute/bureau/lab/department/school/college   name>   at   The   University   of   Texas   at   Austin.     Your  
assignment   w ill   b e   e ffective   < insert   s tart   d ate>  Include   t he   f ollowing   i f   t he   j ob   p osting   i ncluded   a n   e nd  
date.   and   is   expected   to   continue   through   <insert   end   date>.     Your   assignment   will   be   at   <insert  
percent   t ime>   w ith   a   f ull-­‐time   a nnual   r ate   o f   < insert   r ate>.    
Include  the  following  paragraph  if  the  position  is  ongoing  and  expected  to  continue  beyond  the  fiscal  
year   o f   t he   i nitial   a ssignment.     D o   n ot   i nsert   i f   t here   i s   a   k nown   a ssignment   e nd   d ate   s tated   i n   t he   f irst  
In   a ccordance   w ith   t he   p rovisions   o f   H andbook   o f   O perating   P rocedures   5 -­‐1230,   a nd   c onsistent   w ith   a ll  
other   administrative   and   professional   non-­‐faculty   staff   at   the   university,   your   assignment   will   be  
reviewed   for   renewal   at   the   end   of   each   fiscal   year   at   which   time   you   will   be   considered   for  
reappointment   t o   a   s ucceeding   o ne   y ear   t erm.      
In   this   position   you   will   report   directly   to   <insert   name   of   PI   or   other   supervisor>   and   your   primary  
research  area  will  be  <insert  applicable  description  that  may  included  specific  duties,  responsibilities,  
and  if  there  is  an  expectation  that  employee  will  generate  research  funds>.   Include  the  following  for  
Research   S cientist,   S enior   R esearch   S cientist,   R esearch   E ngineer   a nd   S enior   R esearch   E ngineer.     Y ou   a re  
also   r esponsible   f or   s ubmitting   a n   A nnual   S ummary   o f   A ctivity   R eport   a t   t he   e nd   o f   e ach   a cademic   y ear  
and   f or   f orwarding   t he   o riginal   r eport   t o   t he   V ice   P resident   f or   R esearch.  
All   s taff,   f aculty   a nd   a dministrators   a re   s ubject   t o   t he   r elevant   p rovisions   o f   t he   R ules   a nd   R egulations  
of   t he   B oard   o f   R egents   a nd   t he   H andbook   o f   O perating   P rocedures   o f   T he   U niversity   o f   T exas   a t   A ustin  
and   to   applicable   state   and   federal   law.   Specifically,   this   position   is   subject   to   the   policy   and  
procedures  related  to  professional  research  and  administrative  and  professional  positions.  The  salary  
figure   above   is   subject   to   all   deductions   required   by   federal   and   state   law   and,   if   permitted   by   law,  
such   o ther   d eductions   a s   y ou   m ay   a uthorize.    
Include   t he   f ollowing   p aragraph   o n   m oving   e xpenses   w here   r elevant:  
The   <insert   unit   name>   will   reimburse   you   for   the   actual   expenses   of   moving   your   family   and  
household   g oods   o n   a   d ocumented   b asis   u p   t o   a   m aximum   o f   $   < insert   a mount>.     E xpenses   t hat   m eet  
the   c riteria   s et   f orth   i n   I RS   P ublication   5 21   ( )   a re   n on-­‐


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