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Suzy Kaback’s Letter to Parents
Dear «parent’s name»,
I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and enjoying the
s u m m e r. I clearly remember last summer’s rain and cold temperatures, so I’m
thankful that we’re having such a wonderful season this year.
You may be surprised to be receiving a letter from “the fifth-grade
t e a c h e r,” so let me explain my purpose. In a few weeks, «student’s name»
will find a letter of his/her own in the mailbox, but this note is just for
adults. I have some news and some requests that I’d like to pass along to you.
To begin, I’m writing to let you know my plans for the fall. As many of
you know, my husband Steve and I are expecting our first child at the end
of October. We’re thrilled, of course, but we’ve had to make some plans
about maternity leave. For the time being, I plan to teach as long as
possible. Then, when the baby is born, I’ll take a few weeks off. Mr. Russell
and I will be working on hiring a substitute in the early fall and I can assure
you that I will look for a qualified, dedicated replacement. Please feel free to
share concerns, questions, or advice(!) with me.
Thinking about becoming a mom has certainly made me more aware of
the impact parents have on the lives of their children, particularly as they
enter school and are turned over to the care of another person for eight
hours a day. I have, however, always been a supporter of home-school
communication. So, within a few weeks, you’ll start receiving weekly
updates about our classroom and your child’s progress. It is my hope that
these notes will be the basis of a year’s worth of dialogue between us. We ’ l l
discuss «student’s name», what’s happening in class, ways you can support
his/her learning at home, and ways I can extend what you do at home in
My hope for this kind of ongoing dialogue leads me to my first
request: Would you take a few minutes to jot down some thoughts about
«student’s name»? I’d like your message to be positive. What shouldn’t I
wait to find out about him/her? What are his/her greatest strengths,
proudest achievements, favorite years in school? What will I notice about
«student’s name»? What are the things you like or admire most about
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page 6
from “The Back to School Book” by Suzanne Kaback, Constance Perry, and Brenda Power


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