Sample Creative Brief Template


Sample Creative Brief
1) Background / Overview:
What's the big picture? What's going on in the market? Anything happening on the client
side that the creative team should know about?
For an overview, answer the question, "Who is the project talking to, and what is the one
main thing we want to say?"
2) What is the objective, the purpose of the ad?
A concise statement of the effect the project should have on consumers. Typically
expressed as an action and frequently focused either on what you want them to think, to
feel, or to do.
3) Target audience: who are we talking to?
The more precise and detailed the better! Go beyond age and sex to include demographics
and psychographics. Be sure to explain how the audience currently thinks or feels about
the product category, the client's brand, or the specific service. As well as how they
currently behave.
4) What's the single most important thing we want to say?
What's the most persuasive or most important thing we can say to achieve the objective?
This should be a simple sentence. No more than a few sentences if absolutely necessary.
Avoid generalities because they result in ambiguous communications.
5) What are the supporting rational and emotional 'reasons to act or believe?'
List the rational and emotional reasons for the target market to believe what we want them
to believe, and do what we want them to do.
Include all the major copy points, in order of relative importance to the consumer. In other
words, 'What else can we say to achieve the objective?'


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