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Institute for Local Government Sample Commercial
Updated January 2012
Recycling Flyer Cover Letter
This section may be expanded to provide information about local hazardous waste recycling options for business
that generate a small amount of hazardous waste. Some small businesses may be eligible to dispose of their
hazardous waste through local household hazardous waste collection programs or events.
This section may be modified to include agency-specific information, such as website or telephone information,
information about service providers (especially important if the agency is served by an exclusive franchise with one
company), or other agency-specific information.
Include only if local business recycling requirements apply.
This option is available for agencies that offer waste assessments themselves or in conjunction with local service
providers. Similarly, if financial assistance is available, such as grants or free bins/containers, this information can
be included here.
This section may be included in the general cover letter, or in a letter prepared separately for apartment owners
and managers.
See Public Resources Code §§ 42649.2(a) and (c) and the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Regulations,
§17837(b) (at


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