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T Visa Sample Cover Letter – Domestic Servitude
Tab 10:
The Mayo Clinic, Article, “Uterine Fibroids.” Ms. CLIENT was diagnosed as
having (medical condition), also known as a (medical condition), prior to coming
to the U.S. Symptoms include XYZ.
Tab 11:
U.S. Diplomatic List for COUNTRY, noting TRAFFICKER’s position as
Counselor within the COUNTRY Embassy in CITY.
Tab 12:
U.S. Government Accountability Office, Report to the Subcommittee on Human
Rights and the Law, Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate, U.S. Government’s
Efforts to Address Alleged Abuse of Household Workers by Foreign Diplomats
With Immunity Could Be Strengthened (July 2008).
Tab 13:
Information on A3 Visa Privileges in effect at the time Ms. CLIENT was
employed by Ms. TRAFFICKER.
Evidence of Cooperation with Law Enforcement
Tab 14:
Declaration of XXX, former attorney for Ms. CLIENT, about Ms. CLIENT’
efforts to report the trafficking crime to the U.S. Department of Justice. Ms.
CLIENT participated fully cooperated with law enforcement by participating in
an interview with XXX of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, Criminal Section and
by making herself available for further interviews as needed.
Tab 15:
Report of Human Trafficking and Email Correspondence, including
• Report of Human Trafficking, dated DATE
• Email from XXX Director of the Human Trafficking Prosecution at the
Department of Justice, acknowledging receipt of the report, DATE
• Emails from XXX, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division,
coordinating an interview with Ms. CLIENT in DATE
Tab 16:
Letter from XXX, Director, Human Trafficking Prosecution, U.S. Department of
Justice, dated DATE, concluding that Ms. CLIENT’ criminal case was closed due
to insufficient evidence to support a prosecutable violation of the criminal civil
rights statutes.
Evidence That Ms. CLIENT is Physically Present in the U.S. on Account of a Severe Form
of Trafficking in Persons
See Tab 4, Declaration of Ms. CLIENT, the Applicant ¶¶ 62-65.
See also Tab 5, Declaration of DR X, Ph.D ¶ 5.
See also Tab 6, Letter from DR THERAPIST, MA, ATR.
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