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I have a Master´s degree in (field of study) from (name of university). Currently, I am
studying for a PhD degree at the same university. I will be available after completing my
studies in (year). My research is focused on (subject of research). Apart from my strong
theoretical background I also gained practical experience in the field (e.g. during my summer
job/work placement/trainee position of ……. at ……. ).
I feel that the position currently available in your company suits my abilities, qualifications
and experience very well and believe that my CV will also show that I meet the
requirements for the job. I will gladly provide references if requested.
I will call you the week of (date) to set a convenient time to meet with you to discuss what I
can offer (name of company). I truly appreciate your consideration.
My name is ……. and I am interested in applying for the position of Materials Development
Scientist recently advertised on . In June this year I finished my Master´s degree
studies at the Faculty of ……., University ……. . This Faculty is recognized as one of the best in
the Czech Republic in research into thin layers and plasma technologies for creating new
The skills which I developed during my studies at the University and as a research assistant
at the New Technology - Research Centre in Pilsen support my candidacy for this position. As
you can see from my résumé, I am qualified to operate electron microscopes and use plasma
technologies for creating thin layers. I also have experience with examining optical features
of materials placed on glass. I am not afraid of working with a team of associates, supporting
or leading them. I have acquired teamwork skills during my team building activities.
I would very much appreciate an opportunity to discuss your specific needs and my overall
abilities regarding the advertised position. I believe I would prove to be an asset to your
team and your company.
With my proven ability to manage and maintain industrial projects using advanced
technologies such as Virtual Reality and Digital Factory I feel that I would be able to make a
significant contribution to your company's management team.
I would be grateful if you could inform me of any vacancies in your company at present or
keep my information on file for any possible future openings. I would welcome hearing from
Academic cover letter
I am applying for admission to (name of university) under the Erasmus programme for the
(autumn/spring semester) of the academic year (…/…).
I graduated from the Faculty of ……., University of ……, in ……. . The topic of my Master´
thesis was ……. . In ……. I enrolled for a doctoral study programme at the same University.
My doctoral thesis is focused on ……. and ……. . In ……. I received the Dean´s Award for
excellent study results and also won the first place in the student research competition


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