Student Program Lesson Plan Template - Russian


2014   S tudent   P rogram   L esson   P lan   T emplate      
For   s tep-­‐by-­‐step   h elp   i n   c ompleting   t his   d ocument,   p lease   s ee   t he   a ccompanying   g uide.  
Homestay   S imulation  
Language   L evel:  
Day   i n  
Free   t ime.     W here   d o   y ou   g o   w ith   y our   h ost   f amily?   W hat   d o   y ou   s ee?  
Unit   T heme   a nd   Q uestion:  
STAGE  1:   W hat   w ill   l earners   b e   a ble   t o   d o   w ith   w hat   t hey   k now   b y   t he   e nd   o f   t his   l esson?  
What   a re   t he   l earning   t argets   f or   t his   l esson?  
What vocabulary, grammatical structures, language chunks, cultural
knowledge, and content information do learners need to accomplish the
lesson can-do?
Learners   w ill   …  
read   a n   i tinerary   a nd   s chedule   o f   a ctivities   f or   a   w eekend   t rip   t o   X .  
days   o f   t he   w eek  
accept   o r   d ecline   a n   i nvitation   t o   g o   s omewhere/do   s omething   b ased   o n  
telling   t ime  
whether   t hey’re   f ree   a ccording   t o   t heir   s chedule.  
activities   i n   a   c ity:     m ovie,   c ircus,   s hopping,   p ark,   m useum,   s ports   c enter,  
visiting   f riends  
Жаль   t o   i ndicate   d isappointment  
Note:   T his   l esson   i s   m eant   t o   i ntroduce   l earners   t o   t he   t heme   o f   g oing   o n   e xcurisions,  
New   l earning:      
which   i s   c overed   i n   U nits   5 -­‐9.   T he   t hematic   s tructure   o f   t his   u nit   i s   t hus   d ifferent  
Vocabulary:   с вобод(е)н/а   –   f ree,   з анят/а   –   b usy,   д оговорились   ( to   e xpress  
from   o ther   u nits,   w ith   t his   f irst   l esson   f ocusing   o n   g eneral   i nvitations   a nd   t he   s econd  
agreement   o n   a   p lanned   a ctivity),   п ойдем  
two   f ocusing   s pecifically   o n   a   t rip   t o   t he   c ircus.   S imilarly,   t he   p rogression   o f   g ame-­‐
Grammar:   g ender   o f   s hort   f orm   a djectives  
focused,   r oleplay-­‐focused,   a nd   p roject-­‐focused   i s   a   b it     d ifferent,   w ith   t his   l esson  
Comprehension   o f   c omplex   s tatements   i ncluding   d ay,   t ime,   a nd   a ctivity  
preparing   l earners   f or   r oleplay,   t he   s econd   l esson   u sing   g ames,   a nd   o nly   t he   t hird  
Understanding   2 4-­‐hour   t ime  
lesson   f ollowing   t he   t ypical   p attern     a nd   c ontinuing   t o   h ave   a   p roject   f ocus.  
Culture:   S chedules   a re   w ritten   i n   2 4-­‐hour   t ime.
Culture:   C alendars   s tart   o n   M onday
If   a ll   u nits   a re   n ot   b eing   u sed,   t his   l esson   c ould   b e   r emoved,   a nd   U nit   5 ,   L esson   2  
could   f orm   t he   i ntroductory   p iece,   f ollowed   b y   a n   e xpansion   l esson   a s   s uggested   a t  


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