Student Program Lesson Plan Template - Russian Page 5


And   f or   r ejecting….  
Partner   B :   Н ет,   я   з анят.  
Partner   A :   Ж аль.  
Learning   E pisode  
Closure.     M atching   a ctivity   t o   r eview   k ey   p hrases.  
Ls   f ill   i n   t he   b lank   i n   a   s hort   d ialogue.  
Answer   k ey:   T o   a ccept   a nd   s ay   y ou’re   f ree   f or   a n   a ctivity   –   Я  
свобод(е)н/а.     T o   d ecline   a nd   s ay   y ou’re   b usy   –   Я   з анят/а.     T o  
agree   t o   a n   a ctivity   –   Д овогорились.      
Expansion   I deas  
More   g uided   d ialogues.     P airs   o f   L s   c ompleted   a   d ialogue   p resented   a s  
sentence   s lashes.     ( e.g.   S tudents   a re   g iven   l ines   l ike  
ты/хотеть/идти/цирк/пятница)   a nd   m ust   r e-­‐write   t hem   a s   a  
grammaticlally   c orrect   s entence.    
b. Free   d ialogues.     P airs   o f   L s   a re   p resented   a   s cenario   a nd   w rite   a nd   p resent  
a   d ialogue   a ccording   t o   t he   s cenario.  
Information   g ap   r ole   p lay.   P airs   o f   L s   a re   g iven   d ifferent   s chedules   a nd  
must   n egotiate   a   m eeting   b ased   o n   m utually   a vailability.
Reflection/Notes  to  Self  


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