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Katelyn   J ohnson  
(847)   9 24-­‐6557,   k,   D avidson,   N orth   C arolina    
December   3 1,   2 0XX  
Ms.   S amantha   S mith  
Charlotte   M agazine  
309   E .   M orehead   S t.   S uite   5 0    
Charlotte,   N orth   C arolina   2 8202  
Dear   M s.   S mith:  
I   w as   p leased   t o   l earn   a bout   t he   C harlotte   M agazine   E ditorial   I nternship   a dvertised   o n   t he   D avidson  
College   C areer   D evelopment   w ebsite.   Y our   o rganization’s   e fforts   t o   c elebrate   C harlotte’s   p eople,  
culture,   a nd   t alent   a re   a dmirable   a nd   a lign   w ell   w ith   m y   p ersonal   c ommitment,   s kills,   a nd   e xperience.  
Please   f ind   m y   r ésumé   a nd   w riting   s amples   e nclosed   w ith   t his   l etter   i n   a pplication   f or   t his   p osition.  
My   e xperience   w orking   w ith   a   d iversity   o f   p eople   i n   t he   C harlotte   a rea   m akes   m e   a n   e xcellent  
candidate   f or   t his   i nternship.   D uring   m y   p ast   t hree   y ears   a s   a   s tudent   a t   D avidson   C ollege,   I   h ave  
worked   a longside   l ocal   f armers,   c oached   f emale   s ocial   e ntrepreneurs   i n   a   s eed   f unding   c ompetition,  
conducted   i nterviews   w ith   b urgeoning   s tart-­‐ups,   a nd   a ssisted   C harlotte   a rtists   w ith   g allery   e vents.  
Throughout   t hese   e xperiences   I   h ave   w orked   i n   f ast-­‐paced   e nvironments,   m anaged   m ultiple   p rojects,  
and   c ollaborated   w ith   a   r ange   o f   p eople   a nd   o rganizations.   A ll   o f   t hese   s kills   a re   e ssential   f or   w orking  
in   a t   a   m agazine   t hat   s eeks   t o   w rite   C harlotte’s   s tory.  
As   a n   E nglish   m ajor,   I   r egularly   p roofread,   f act-­‐check,   a nd   c onduct   r esearch.   W hile   a ll   o f   m y   E nglish  
classes   d emand   c reativity   a nd   s trong   w riting   s kills,   t he   c reative   n onfiction   c ourse   I   t ook   l ast   s emester  
has   b een   m y   m ost   c hallenging   a nd   r ewarding   w riting   e xperience.   T he   c lass   n ot   o nly   d eveloped   m y  
interviewing,   r eading,   a nd   w riting   s kills   b ut   a lso   h elped   m e   b egin   t o   f ind   m y   v oice   a s   a   w riter.  
Throughout   t he   s emester   I   w rote   s everal   p ieces   r anging   f rom   s atire   t o   p ersonal   e ssays;   I   h ave   i ncluded  
two   o f   t hese   p ieces   w ith   t his   l etter   o f   i nterest.  
I   h ave   a lso   a dvanced   m y   w riting   a nd   r eporting   s kills   o utside   o f   t he   c lassroom.   T hrough   s ummer  
internships   w ith   K now   Y our   F arms   a nd   t he   F ood   a nd   W ater   W atch,   I   i nterviewed   f armers   a nd   w rote  
press   r eleases.   L ast   f all   w hen   I   s tudied   d evelopment   a nd   h uman   r ights   i n   T hailand,   I   i nterviewed  
villagers   a bout   h ow   m ining,   f ood   i nsecurity,   a nd   w aste   i ssues   a ffect   t heir   c ommunities.   I n   a ddition,   I  
helped   d raft   a nd   e xecute   a   r esearch   p roposal   t o   e stablish   a n   o rganic   m arket   i n   a   T hai   r ural   v illage   a nd  
shared   m y   r esearch   w ith   c ommunity   m embers,   N GOs,   a nd   l eading   a cademics.  
I   a m   e ager   t o   c ontribute   m y   s kills   a nd   e xperience   t o   C harlotte   M agazine’s   m ission.   I   a m   c ertain   I   c ould  
be   a   v aluable   c ontributor   t o   t he   m agazine   w hile   f urthering   m y   w riting   s kills   a nd   l earning   h ow   a  
successful   p ublication   o perates.   I   w ill   f ollow   u p   w ith   a   p hone   c all   i n   o ne   w eek   t o   e nsure   y ou   h ave  
received   m y   a pplication.   P lease   l et   m e   k now   i f   y ou   n eed   a ny   m ore   i nformation.  
Katelyn   J ohnson  


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