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Bethany Milton
(555) 733-5257,, Davidson, North Carolina
December 7, 20XX
Internship Coordinator
456 26th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Dear Internship Coordinator:
I am writing to apply for the research intern position with EnviroAmerica advertised on the
InternMatch website. I would bring my research skills and passion for improving
awareness of climate change effects and making environmental issues accessible to the
public to this internship.
My relevant experience comes from both outside and inside of the classroom. I have
become increasingly aware of climate engagement initiatives as part of an active group of
students interested in environmental solutions and sustainability on Davidson’s campus. I
also wrote an interdisciplinary thesis with independent primary research on the perception
and bottom-up strategies for climate change adaptability among rice farmers in
Northeastern Thailand. The type of social science research that EnviroAmerica produces
is the type I love to do--compiling and making connections between findings in behavioral,
social and political facets of climate change. The implications of this research could apply
broadly to businesses, non-profits and individuals aiming to shift behavior and increase
environmental awareness.
In addition to my knowledge of climate change and my research proficiency, I have the
other skills that you are seeking in summer research interns. I enjoy and am capable of
working independently, but my experience as an NCAA Division I Lacrosse player has also
taught me to work effectively in team settings. I am able to speak articulately and openly
about issues related to the environmental movement and understand the challenges in
appealing to the broader public to catalyze change for the mainstream. Most importantly,
like EnviroAmerica, I too believe that engaging the complexities of an unpredictable climate
is imperative, and that real change must start with individual people.
I am eager to work as a research intern this summer. Please contact me with any
questions about my past experience and skills as detailed on the attached résumé. Thank
you for your consideration.
Bethany Milton


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