Sample Unsolicited Proposal Submission Cover Letter


Sample Unsolicited Proposal Submission
Cover Letter
My Company
NOTICE: This sample proposal is provided
12345 My Street
only as an example of acceptable
My Town, CA 922XX
formatting. It is not intended to suggest
1-760-123-4567 Fax: 1-760-123-4568
"correct" answers to form questions or
any other information provided by a
Today’s Date
proposal. The proposal should be carefully
and individually prepared based you’re
Mr. TC Dowden
your factual business information.
MCCS Contracting Officer
provided solely by the Offeror.
Box 788150 (Building 1533)
Twentynine Palms, CA 92278-8150
Please be aware that the completeness and
professionalism of your proposal will be a
Re: Unsolicited Proposal for Widget Concession
factor in whether or not we pursue a contract
with you. Present your vision!
Dear Mr. Dowden,
Thank you for the opportunity to conduct business with MCCS Twentynine Palms. We have a great
idea for opening a new business on base and are pleased to submit our proposal for a Widget concession
onboard the Marine Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC).
Our proposal is built on proven success-based methodologies for providing Widgets to the Marines,
dependents, retirees and other authorized patrons at competitive prices and with world class customer
service. We value the sacrifice our armed service members contribute to the nation’s security and stand
ready to do our part by providing the Widget concession.
The following individuals, together or individually, are authorized as signatories and to negotiate on
behalf of MyCompany relating to terms, conditions, Widget pricing, and concession percentage:
1. Mr. I. M. Owner, MyCompany president
2. Mr. Al B. Reddy, MyCompany vice-president
This is shown only as an example of a percentage. You
must determine what an acceptable percentage is to be.
We intend to offer a commission percentage of 22% for this business. MyCompany is ready to begin
operations within 30 days of contract award. This proposal will remain valid for sixty (60) days.
This statement is mandatory and must
be included in the signed cover letter.
As required:
“The undersigned solemnly declares and certifies that the enclosed financial statement is a full, true, and
correct statement of the financial conditions as of the date indicated, and that there have been no material
changes adversely affecting the financial condition except as set forth herein. Further, it is agreed and
understood that at the sole option of MCCS, any information which is found to be incorrect, incomplete, or
misleading as to any matter relied upon for in evaluation of proposals may constitute unqualified cause for
termination of such contract.”
Should you desire or require any clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email or call at
the above contact points.


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