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Overview – Cover Letters
The main purpose of a cover letter is to summarize your suitability to an existing specific position when
applying to an advertised posting. The cover letter is a good tool to demonstrate both your written and problem
solving skills. It demonstrates that you understand the COMPANY’s needs in filling a specific position and that
you are able to match your skills and the company’s needs all in a one page document.
Some recruiters will look at the resume first and decide if they want to
continue with your cover letter, whereas other recruiters will read the
cover letter first. Because there is no right or wrong order, you need to
In the US, cover letters are
make sure that both documents are strong. A well-written, tailored cover
very brief. There is less
letter will help you get an interview if it highlights how your skills,
emphasis on matching your
experience and training match and benefit the job that has been
skill-set and demonstrating
advertised. It is imperative to integrate your skills with their needs, as this
your writing abilities.
demonstrates to the employer how you have interpreted their job
A cover letter is persuasive in nature. Your aim is to show the employer
that you have the skills and experience they are looking for.
Discuss your
You also need to show them how you can contribute to their
related to the specific position
organization. You do this by highlighting the relevant details of your
you are applying for.
resume related to the specific position you are applying for.
When Emailing Cover Letters:
Attach your cover letter and resume saved as a PDF (.pdf) or Word
(.docx) file. In the “subject” line, note the name of the job you are
applying for – “Application for Position of Junior Accountant – Job ID
1234”. If you are using a Mac (Apple) computer, the formatting may
appear different when the file is opened by the employer, so send it to
somebody with a PC first to verify that your formatting remains the same.
There are two options for how to introduce your resume and cover letter
in the body of your email.
1. Write a brief email message referring the recruiter to your
attached file, and in that correspondence, include some of your
Qualifications” or “Profile” section in your resume).
Dear Ms. Thiara,
Please find attached my application for the position of Junior
Accountant. As a recent graduate from the Beedie School of
Business in the Accounting program, I have over two years of
related experience through the Business Co-op program, having
excelled in roles such as Accounting Assistant and Residential
Accounting Clerk. I have strong leadership and project
management skills developed through my role as President of
the Accounting Student Association at SFU. I am able to build
and maintain relationships with diverse groups of people, as
E f f e c t i v e C o v e r L e t t e r s
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